What is CUE?

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) is a central database of motor, home and personal injury/industrial illness incidents reported to insurance companies, which may or may not give rise to a claim.  CUE is managed by not-for-profit company Insurance Database Services Limited (IDSL) on behalf of its member organisations.  These include all major insurers and many self insured organisations such as local authorities, passenger carriers and transport companies.

CUE was established in 1994 to help keep down premiums for honest policyholders by preventing multiple claims fraud and the misrepresentation of claims histories.  There are currently over 32 million claims records available to subscribers.

Individuals wishing to review information which may be held about them on the database should view the Data Protection information below.


CUE Subscribers

There are currently 99 subscribers to CUE, including 60 insurers, 30 other authorised members and 9 Associate members.  Please find more details in the links section.  

If you are an authorised insurer, self insured or compensator and interested in becoming a subscriber to CUE, please complete our Prospective Members enquiry form.


What is MIAFTR?

Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR) is a database of vehicles that have either been declared a total loss by an insurer (commonly know as a 'write-off'), or that have been stolen.

MIAFTR Subscribers

MIAFTR Subscribers include Insurers, police forces, vehicle recovery agents, local authorities and self-incurred compensators.

Data Protection

What is the Data Protection Act?

The Data Protection Act places obligations on insurers and other compensators who hold personal details about individuals. On 1 March 2000, the Data Protection Act 1998 came into force. This sets rules for processing personal information and gives individuals the right to have access to information about themselves held on computers and to some paper records as well.   It also gives individuals the right to compensation for inaccuracy or loss of data or the right to the correction or removal of inaccurate data.

The Act regulates personal information held on computers. Insurance Database Services Limited's entry in the Data Protection Register, which may be inspected at the Data Protection Commissioner's Office in Wilmslow, states that the purpose for which the data are to be held or used is for "maintaining a register of personal insurance claims for underwriting purposes and to detect cases of suspected fraud". The sources of the data are insurance companies.

More information about Data Protection can be found on the Information Commissioner's website ico.org.uk.

Access to Personal Information

If you wish to find out what information is held about you on the CUE database, please print and complete the Subject Access Request Form.  This can be sent with the administration fee of £10 to the address below. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to IDSL. Please note that cash is not acceptable. 

If you are unable to access the attached form we are happy to accept written requests as long as they are accompanied by the administration fee and suitable identification. 

Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • Utility Bill
  • Local Authority tax bill
  • TV License
  • Correspondence from HMRC
  • Land registry confirmation
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Student loan statement

As part of your written request please include your date of birth and address information for the past 6 years as well as any former names i.e. maiden name you have been known by in this time.

Requests for personal information held on CUE should be addressed to:

       IS & Compliance Officer
       Insurance Database Services Limited (IDSL)
       Risk & Compliance
       Linford Wood House
       6 - 12 Capital Drive
       Milton Keynes
       MK14 6XT

The information contained in the database will comprise that supplied by the policyholder or claimant on their application or claim form, together with other information relating to the incident or claim. It does not hold sensitive information or details relating to the amount of premium paid.

Anyone who thinks that they have registered incidents with only one company can contact that company for their claims information without going through IDSL.

Please note that to view any of the documents on this site you will need to download and install Adobe Reader.  


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